Moving Clouds

I know I said I was going to post about my trip to Oystermouth Castle, but first I’m going to do some clouds instead.

I tried taking pictures of cloud movements a few months ago but they were a washout.  So armed with my new Neutral Density filter I’ve tried again.

These were all taken sitting in my back garden.  I’m not sure what effect I was trying to achieve but quite like some of the patterns they have created.  They probably aren’t the best photographs I’ll ever take but I liked experimenting with them.

See what you think.

As always if you like what you see there is more on my Flickr pages (see link on right).  Please tell me what you think, but don’t use any of my photographs without asking first.


5 thoughts on “Moving Clouds

  1. Great idea, especially the sitting in the garden part 🙂
    Nice idea for silhouettes and sunsets, you’d love star trails, when the meteors fall in Mid to late August we’ll arrange something…

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